Is a bundled personal loan which caters for renovation needs or for personal contingencies of our Home Loan Customer.

Key Features:

Purpose:  Clean Loan, Renovation Loan and Personal Contingency


  • 5x to 10x of monthly income
  • Up to RM150k
  • Subject to max 100% Margin of Finance for combined Home Loan
  • Not more than 30% of the home loan limit

Loan Tenure:   Up to 10 years

Pricing:   BR +3.85%

Lock in:    No lock in period imposed



  1. Renovation loan is currently available for single borrower only
  2. Strictly applicable to first and second time house buyers as evidenced in CCRIS
  3. First party borrower and owner



  1. Home loan must approve and accepted first in order to eligible for this loan. Cannot be taken as a standalone product in the event the customer cancel the Home Loan
  2. Renovation loan will only be disbursed upon 1st disbursement of the Home Loan
  3. No top up allowed, 1 time draw down only



  1. Any default on the Renovation Loan will trigger a cross default on the Home Loan and vice versa
  2. In the event the Renovation Loan turns into a Non Performing Loan (NPL), the property may be foreclosed to offset both the accounts. Any surplus from the auction proceedings will be used to offset the remaining outstanding amount for Renovation Loan
  3. In the event a customer initiates early settlement/redemption of the HomeL oan account, the same has to be extended to the Renovation Loan

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